Funding Your Care

The cost of care can often be a barrier for family and friends considering external care. Care is frequently perceived as expensive, but in reality, that is not always the case. In most instances, care can be subsidised or paid in full by the local authority. We highly recommend you exploring your options before choosing the type of care most suited to your needs and financial circumstances.

Care provider

Local Authority Support

The first step is to request a needs assessment (getting a social care needs assessment) from your local authority. This will help to identify the level and type of support that is most suited to your needs and your eligibility for local authority funding. Once a care assessment is completed, the council will also carry out a means test that assesses your financial circumstance and the level of financial support you may be able to receive towards your care. You may find that government support may not cover your entire care package (as identified in your care assessment) resulting in a contribution from you or family and friends. Currently, in England, there is no financial assistance available to those with assets (e.g. cash, savings, stocks/shares, bonds, etc) greater than £23,250 (excluding a person’s home).

If you are not eligible for local authority support or you do not wish to receive support from the council, you can approach Sylvan Home Care Services directly and we would be more than happy to the assist you in supporting your needs.