Home care support services

Whichever home care service you require, our friendly team will be there to help. The support we offer varies according to your abilities, needs and preferences; from shopping and support with household tasks, to personal care and companionship.

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They were, without exception, absolutely brilliant. Most importantly they treated Dad as a friend or relative who needed their very professional help. They gave him praise when he deserved it. They did their absolute best to encourage Dad to eat and drink well and he loved their regular visits to his home
Review from Adrian N - 16 April 2020 (homecare.co.uk)

Personal care

Whether you need support with personal hygiene, dressing and undressing, or help to get out of bed in the morning, our friendly team can be there to help. We’ll work with you to create a care plan that takes your needs and preferences into account, ensuring that you have the routine and support that you’re comfortable with. Our team has been trained to provide support with dignity and respect, supporting your independence wherever possible while supporting you with day to day personal care tasks.


Housework and meal preparation

Having a healthy, nutritious and delicious meal is one of life’s pleasures, and is vital for our wellbeing. Our home carers will work with you to create meal plans and prepare food that meets your dietary requirements. For those with dementia, remembering to eat and drink can be an issue. We can assist with shopping, cooking and supporting you to have regular, healthy meals. Our team is also there to support with domestic tasks, including cleaning and laundry.

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Holiday, respite and overnight care

We understand that caring for someone full time can be exhausting. Whether you need time to yourself for work, rest or play, our team can offer respite care in the comfort of your own home. We can also offer overnight care, which can be a useful way to ensure family carers get the rest they require.

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Rehabilitation, recuperation and convalescent care

Recovering from a hospital stay or operation can take time. Rest and recuperation are vital to a quick recovery. Our home care team can provide the help and support you need to get back on your feet, from cooking, cleaning and administering medication.

Appointments and social outings

Getting out and about, seeing friends, attending social clubs or doctors appointments can be difficult without support. Our home care team can help by accompanying you to appointments and helping to support your needs while out and about. As a local company, we also have good relationships with local healthcare professionals and can help you to access additional support and advice if required.


Medication support and management

When good health relies on medication, it is vital that it is taken regularly and on time. Our home care team can offer support with managing and collecting prescriptions and ensuring safe storage and administration of medicines. We can also offer peace of mind by monitoring changes in behaviour, health or side effects that may arise.


We understand that seeing a friendly face and chatting over a cup of tea can make a huge difference to your day, as well as your longer term mental health. Our home care team can pop in to say hello, keep you company and make conversation.