Different Types of Care

The type of care you wish to receive is individual to you. There are many factors that can influence this decision from your personal preferences to your level of independence or even the environment that you wish to receive care. The level of importance you assign to your preferences will determine the type of care most suited to you. Needs can change from time to time so it is important to recognise that the option best suited for you today may not be the best in the future. Do not worry, at Sylvan Home Care Services, we are here to guide you through your decision process.

The four most common care options are:

  • Care from Family and Friends
  • Domiciliary Care
  • Live-in Care
  • Care Homes
Care provider with drink

Care from family and friends

Whether your loved one is living in their own home or with a family member or friend, caring for a loved one can be extremely rewarding and is often the least costly solution available to Wirral residents. In our experience this care solution is best suited for loved ones who have several family and friend groups to share the responsibility. In some cases, we even see loved ones move in with family members to allow for that extra flexibility. At Sylvan Home Care Services, we recognise that circumstances may not allow for this type of care or that needs may increase over time. In this instance, carers may wish to receive extra support to ensure that their loved ones receive the best possible care. Domiciliary care and live-in solutions are great alternatives for consideration.

Domiciliary care

Domiciliary Care is our speciality. Sylvan Home Care Services has been providing domiciliary care since 2014 and has since become a well-recognised, independent provider in the Wirral. Also known as home care or care at home, domiciliary care is when a service user receives care from a professional, CQC registered provider in their own home. Domiciliary care is one of the most popular options and one that allows your loved ones to live independently without reliance from carers or medical healthcare professionals. The amount of care can vary and depends wholly on the needs of the individual. This can range from personal tasks such as cleaning and shopping to assistance with your daily medication. At Sylvan Home Care Services our care assistants are professionally trained to assist you in all aspects of personal care. A full list of what our carers can assist you with can be found in our services section.

The amount of care is determined by a needs care assessment which will establish the level of care you require. This can range from daily check-ins to full-time live-in care. Most importantly, the care you receive is completely personalised to you. Domiciliary care can often work very well in parallel with care from family and friends. When service users may require more assistance, domiciliary care may not be as suitable or cost effective as other solutions available to you. Live-in care packages and residential care could provide a better solution for your loved ones.

Live-in care

Live-in care is a part of domiciliary care where you wish to receive round the clock, 24/7 care in your own home. Unlike domiciliary care, live-in carers are requires the carer to move into the care recipient’s home. Live-in care can be a great solution for service users that require more support and provides assurances to family and friends that their loved ones are always supported in a familiar environment. We understand that service users may not have a spare room to allow the care receipt to receive live-in care. Residential care homes are a great alternative that also provide a community like feel.

Care Home

There is often a negative perception of care homes when in reality it can be an excellent choice for care. Although all care homes offer the basic level of care, not all settings are the same with some premises offering additional facilities that better cater for your specific needs. Different types of care homes include nursing homes, dementia care homes and hospice care homes. Like live-in care, care homes offer round the clock physical, mental and medical support for your loved ones.

Care homes can provide assurances to service user’s friends and family that their relative or loved one is looked after. These types of settings can be great for those who wish to have regular interactions with other people, potentially with similar interests. Care home often hold team activities to ensure that settings are enjoyable and service users remain active. For more information, please visit give our Sylvan House Residential Home a call on 0151 608 1401.

In summary, choosing the right type of care for you is prominently based on your preferences and budget. Most importantly, the care you receive should be the one that makes you feel most comfortable. If you have concerns about costs, our resource page on funding options provides an excellent introduction to the financing options available to you. Alternatively, please do give us a call on 0151 608 0986 or pop by our Bromborough office where we would be more than happy to confidentially discuss your queries in more detail.